In Canada there are more than 50,000 people that suffer a stroke each year.
Approximately two-thirds of stroke victims will survive and need stroke rehab.

The rehabilitation offered is a very hands-on approached:

  • A primary focus of returning active function and control of the affected limb (arm/hand/leg).
  • Reduce disability and dependence by focusing on client specific goals
  • Educating family members and primary caregivers to further aid in the home exercise program
  • Decrease pain and swelling
  • Improve positioning and prevent deterioration and deformity (contractures)

Treatment options as appropriate:

  • Muscle stimulation
  • Use of neuroproprioceptive taping
  • Splints/orthoses as appropriate
  • Education
  • Encouragement
  • Neurodevelopmental/Bobath therapy
  • Mirror box/mental imagery

Stroke Rehabilitation will provide;

  • Post stroke, acquired and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation of the upper body including the arm and hand.
  • Reduced disability and dependence by relearning skills in areas of self-care, leisure and work.
  • Hands-on treatment offered as well as home program teaching and education.
  • Discussions/recommendations for adaptive aids as related to arm and hand use.
  • Decrease pain, and secondary edema.
  • Improve positioning and prevent deterioration and deformity (contractures).

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