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Arm More Therapy provides occupational therapy in the areas of Hand Therapy/Splinting, Stroke Rehabilitation, Lymphedema Therapy, and Office Ergonomic Assessment

Hand Therapy as it relates to finger, hand, and wrist rehabilitation due to amputation, crush injuries or repetitive strain injuries.

Treatment includes splinting, wound care, scar management, edema reduction and pain reduction to aid in the return of function.   People seen include those with diagnosis of arthritis, work related injuries such as crush, repetitive strain, and fractures as well as individuals after surgery for Dupyutren’s contracture, joint replacements and tendon/nerve repairs.

Stroke Rehabilitation: for acute or long standing issues post stroke.  The occupational therapist, at Arm More Therapy, aid in the return of arm/hand functions by incorporating both the upper and lower body in the therapy process.  Therapy effects are reinforced through the home exercise program which involves the family and caregivers.  Therapy also focuses on the reduction of pain, reduction of edema /swelling as well as improving shoulder stability.  Splinting may be included in therapy as a means to further protect, aid in improving function as well as correct deformity if contractures are already present.  Vivian Dim is also a trained Saebo orthosis therapist which allows her to assess if the device is appropriate for a client as well as fitting the client with the device (there is no other affiliation with the Saebo).

Edema Management/ Lymphatic Drainage to address swelling that results in deformity, pain and loss of movement.  The occupational therapist is skilled in the treatment of upper arm/hand, lower leg/foot as well as facial swelling from both primary and secondary lymphedema.  Others areas treated included breast care post surgery such as lumpectomy and reconstruction which also involves increasing ROM scar management as appropriate.  Vivian Dim is also a garment fitter through Jobst- please ask about ADP.

Office Ergonomic Assessment: Offering an on-site assessment which educates the client regarding the implementing necessary changes as well as incorporating the changes as able on site. A comprehensive 5-10 page report details short term and long term recommendations, office equipment suggestions as well as task modifications.

Therapy Costs:

  • Coverage may be offered through extended health benefits.
  • Private payers.
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).
  • Auto insurance following accident/injury.
  • Fees are based of half hour and full hour sessions.
  • The cost of occupational therapy is a tax deductible health care service.

Occupational Therapy
“Skills for the Job of Living”

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